Sunday, April 4, 2010

Poll Question

Since I haven't mentioned "DC Dollar Comics" on any of my other blogs yet, no one knows to stop by here yet.

But eventually a couple of people always find their way, so it thought I'd put up a poll and see how you'd like to see this blog be organized once it starts.

Should I profile each of the DC Dollar Comics by:

1)Publication date, starting at the first Dollar Comic book and moving from title to title, or

2)Go title by title, profiling every issue of a particular series in the Dollar format and then moving on to a different title? (i.e., all the World's Finests, then all The Batman Familys, then all the House of Mysterys...)

Vote and let me know!

1 comment:

  1. Rob...I don't really know anyone who ever liked you.
    You might get off with insanity but I doubt it.
    All the networking for explosive companies and ACKSACE with RED_ KILLER-
    RED_ RIDDER 666?
    And they already got SAHARA RED 22 and that's with BILLY BOO 222.
    I mean, come on " Rob".
    We know who you are and felt sorry for you.
    But not anymore.
    You targeted her .
    And she was lost after JOHNEYALEXANDER .